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New members of High Hits receive 1000 credits and a 
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George Csoma.. Just an average guy who loves Traffic Exchanges
George Csoma
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High Hits is a manual traffic exchange that generates hits for you by exchanging web site views with other members. If you have a website or web page that you wish others to see, High Hits is for you

After you have joined and added your site/s, you can begin surfing by clicking on the 'start surfing' link. Use the surf bar to view others sites. You will receive credits for each site viewed. The credits you receive are then used to display your site to other users.

Dynamic surf ratios enables you gain an increased surf ratio the more you use the 'High Hits' system. Upgraded members will always receive a higher surf ratio.

One great benefit of High Hits is that you can introduce new members and earn cash from each referral when they buy credits or upgrade.

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